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How We Make It Better.

At Spartech, our exceptionally broad and complimentary manufacturing capabilities are a distinctive point of difference. Coupled with our state-of-the-art Innovation Center and an exceptional IT system that supports plant-level data generation to drive better decision making, we are able to provide customers with more accurate and progressive solutions.

Our unique vertical integration in film production, lamination, and printing—and our commitment to being ‘material agnostic’ ensure that customers receive optimal material designs.

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Symbol Name Description Details
Blown Film Extrusion Molten polymer is extruded through a die, inflated, then collapsed to film form. Details
Calendering Heated plastic is pressed between heated rollers to impart texture and targeted thickness. Details
Cell Casting Liquid monomer is poured between two tempered glass sheets sealed with a gasket and polymerized. Details
Compounding Polymer and other ingredients are mixed, then extruded into a blended sheet, film or pellet. Details
Extrusion Materials are pushed through a heated barrel by a screw. Details
Lamination Two or more layers of plastic material are combined through cohesion or adhesion. Details
Printing Printing of patterns or design on paper, plastic film, or sheet. Details
Slitting Shearing a plastic rollstock into narrower rolls. Details
Stretching Acrylic material is heated and stretched, cooled, then polished to remove deformations. Details
Thermoforming Plastic rollstock is stretched over a mold using vacuum pressure, air pressure, or a core plug. Details

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