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We Provide Six Types Of Product Applications.

Spartech product type sheet


Spartech thermoplastic sheets are typically extruded or cast into a thicker, flat form and can be produced in a variety of colors, sizes, transparency, and thickness. Sheet can be coextruded with multiple materials to enhance durability and physical properties.

Spartech product type rollstock


Spartech rollstock solutions are extruded or coextruded to customer specifications and requirements for material performance. Typical applications including calendering, lamination with decorative films, or protective films, slitting with width specs, and winding onto large or small rolls to meet production and shipping specs.

Spartech product type film


Spartech films are typically extruded and printed with patterns — and offered in varying colors and transparencies, as well as differing physical properties such as scratch resistance, weatherability, and UV resistance. Spartech's vertical integration of manufacturing processes allows efficient production of film, printing, and laminating onto sheet.

Spartech Tufpak® custom bags and film products

Biohazard & Autoclave Bags

Spartech’s Tufpak® line of custom and stock specialty plastic film and bag products consist of proprietary polypropylene (PP) films which offer unmatched physical properties, including our SUPROP film, autoclave, and breathable bags.

Spartech product type rigid packaging

Rigid Packaging

Spartech packaging film is extruded in either a single or multi-layer form. Depending on the number of layers and type of material, packaging film can provide low, medium, and high barrier capabilities. Film is sold in the form of rollstock or as preformed containers.

Spartech product type rods and tubes

Rods and Tubes

Spartech rods and tubes are cast into various diamters, hollowness, transparency, and colors. They offer high optical clarity, close tolerances, and superior machinability relative to extruded variants and can be machined, polished, cut, drilled, or chamfered to meet specifications.

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We have one mission: To make it better.

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