Spartech is a leading provider
of innovative, specialized solutions
for engineered materials.


Innovation Brought To Life

At Spartech, we expertly engineer materials and solutions for the most demanding markets. But here, we have a greater plan. To provide intelligent and innovative solutions to make our world a safer, easier and better place to live.

In everything we do, we are committed to one purpose. And, one promise: To Make It Better.

Through the products we provide. The practices we follow. The innovation we create. We do this through diversity. Diversity of materials. Diversity of applications. Diversity of thought. As an organization, we constantly strive for the smarter solutions. Those that work harder. Reduce waste. And maximize resources.

To us, sustainability is nothing new. It is part of our DNA. And key to our future. This is the business of shaping tomorrow.

This is a company making a difference. This, is Spartech.

Our Value: To Make It Better

Every day, in every part of the world, people benefit from the products we provide. And most, don’t even know it.

Our solutions make the cars we drive, lighter. The food we eat, fresher. The planes we fly, safer.

Because everything we do is focused on helping make the products we use, and the world in which we live, safer, easier and better.

From new, lightweight materials for electric vehicles, to sustainable packaging solutions for consumer goods, to protective canopies for military aircraft, Spartech solutions are found in every corner of our modern world.

And where you find Spartech, you will find innovation. In products that are more recyclable. Use less energy. Create more value.

Welcome to Spartech. One company with a single purpose: To Make It Better.

ONE Spartech

ONE Spartech focuses internally on Customer Excellence through: Safety, Performance, Ethics, Teamwork, Respect, and Responsibility. It is our program for our team and operations to ensure we deliver the best results to our customers, and their customers.

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ONE Spartech our internal quality program focused on our team and operations

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We have one mission:
To make it better.

We have one mission: To make it better.

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