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Durable & Sustainable

Spartech engineers materials that make vehicles move more safely and efficiently worldwide. We create custom material solutions for the transportation industry's interior, exterior, next-gen, and electric vehicle needs. And our commitment to sustainability shapes our strategy from beginning to end. Watch our video to learn more about the solutions and services we provide to the transportation industry.

Innovation On The Move.

All vehicles—land or water, public or personal—require a balance of durability and comfort, flexibility and lightweight parts. Spartech’s engineered solutions are functional, cost effective, durable, diverse, reliable, and sustainable. We’ll help you find the solution to meets your interior, exterior, and next gen vehicle material needs.

Looking for enhanced features or new product development? Let us help that effort with a full suite of services for development, prototypes, production, and testing with our expert team at our world-class Innovation Center.

Why Spartech?

Spartech is solution neutral, meaning we’re motivated by helping you find the right solution for your project. We don’t prioritize one solution over another, but rather pride ourselves in the depth of our materials lines and our abililty to innovate to ensure we can deliver the right materials for your project requirements.

Spartech durable, weather resistant automotive and light truck interior and exterior solutions
Durable, weather resistant automotive and light truck interior and exterior solutions.
Spartech tough, weather resistant solutions for marine and recreational vehicles interior and exterior
Tough, weather resistant solutions for marine and recreational vehicles interior and exterior.
Spartech agriculture, heavy-truck, and public transportation solutons for interior and exterior applications
Agriculture, heavy-truck, and public transportation solutons for interior and exterior applications.

Solutions for Transportation

Spartech provides solutions for applications in automotive, light-truck, heavy-truck, marine, buses and passenger rail cars, agricultural vehicles, buses, recreational vehicles, emergency and public transportation. We’ll work to understand your goals and define solutions to meet specs for strength, weight, heat resistance, and other properties to make your project a success.


  • Acrylloy Film
  • Floorlite TPO and TPR flexible sheet for flooring and cargo liners
  • FormPro™ ABS sheet for durable OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Royalite® R104 soft-feel laminate material
  • SoundX® flexible sheet for sound abatement


  • Extreme Plus HG™ and Extreme Plus LG® high performance thermoplastic polyolefin
  • FormPro™ ABS sheet
  • UltraTuf® Polycarbonate sheet
  • Royalite® fire-resistant PVC/Acrylic sheet
  • Polycast® SAR Super Abrasion Resistant Acrylic
  • WeatherPro® Acrlic/ABS sheet

Next Gen/Electric

In next gen and electric vehicles, the difference between success and something-less-than success, often comes down to weight. At Spartech, we have strong results in helping customers use innovative materials and solutions to ‘lightweight’ new and existing vehicles. Examples of the materials we use include:

  • UltraTuf Polycarbonate sheet
  • FormPro ABS sheet
  • Floorlite TPO and TPR flexible sheet
  • Royalite fire-resistant PC/ABS sheet
  • Royalite fire-resistant PVC/Acrylic sheet
  • Royalite R503 mass transit flooring sheet
  • Royalite R104 soft-feel laminate material
  • Royalite R64 conductive sheet
  • SoundX® TPO noise-reducing sheet
  • ExtremePlus TPO durable FRP replacement
Spartech next gen vehicles material weight comparison chart


Recreational vehicles make up a large part of our transportation business. By nature, these vehicles require a balance of durable and lightweight materials, making custom-engineered plastics the perfect solution.

Thanks to our extensive product lines, we can help you build your recreational vehicles from the inside and out. That means you get on-trend, sharp-looking components with strength and toughness you can count on to ride out rough terrain. Better yet, our innovative thermoforming processes offer faster production times and lower costs.


Interior components—such as durable flooring, structural panels, sound abatement sheet, seating, trim, floor mats — require lightweight, abrasion resistant materials with color fastness and sound dampening. Exterior applications, such as exterior body panels and trim, door and wheel liners, special lighting effects and tail lights, housings and covers, durable bed liners, tonneau covers, must be strong, durable, and weather and heat-resistant. Next gen and electric vehicles come with their own host of specific requirements, including durable, cost-effective battery trays and flooring and body panels.

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