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Adobe Almond

A soft, neutral shade with taupe undertones.


Swirled and smoky with the illusion of movement

Alpaca Gray

Straight grain with a weathered gray design


A warm hued pattern based on reclaimed wood from China

Amber Slate

The bold, virile look of concrete with subtle gold tones

Aurora Redwood

Deep reds in a lush straight grain design

Beige Alabaster

The profound sensation of flowing onyx

Beige Parchment

Smooth, neutral and versatile marble-like pattern

Bolero Cherry

A deep, rich cherry wood in an inspired straight grain design

Brushed Aluminum

The bold look of deep, brushed metal

Brushstroke Copper

A warm, intense copper metallic pattern

Buffalo Emboss

Interesting and complex use of a fossil-like pattern

Caramel Maple

Straight grain pattern blend of syrup and honey tones

Carbon Fiber

Traditional carbon fiber design with metallic sheen

Celestial Marble

With origins from high quality Carrara marble

Cracked Ice

A crisp, ice-like pattern designed for high-gloss surfaces

Crema Travertine

Traditional travertine influenced by lush hot springs

Dartmouth Cherry

Sleek, straight lines add depth to this versatile wood pattern

Desert Beech

Soft, distressed, granular design with beige undertones

Gibralter Slate

Dark metallic slate finish that changes with light


The look of hand-hewn wood derived from reclaimed China timber

Grey Teak

Darkly shaded straight grain pattern

Heritage Cherry

A traditional cherry wood design with rich coloration


A design inspired by warm Italian marble

Java Cherry

Hints of morning coffee in this straight grain wood look

Light Maple

Bright and earthy with a subtle grain pattern

Mansion Emboss

Bursting with texture and dimension

Matador Emboss

The look of a genuine leather-like finish

Matte Emboss

A very subtle, textured embossed finish

Pebble Emboss

A tight pebble-like embossed pattern

Pinto Emboss

Hints of the Wild West conveyed through texture

Pueblo Emboss

Creates the look and feel of the Southwest

Realtree XTRA®

Authentic camouflage pattern for outdoor applications

Rookery Oak

Heavily ticked, darkly shaded wood grain pattern

Rustic Black Cherry

Deepest shading in this intense dark wood pattern

S Emboss

Horizontal movement conveyed through texture

Scandia Emboss

An intricate and delicate embossed pattern

Scotch Oak

Fashioned from a cathedral live oak

Sierra Granite

A granite pattern of exceptional depth and contrast

Suede Emboss

Gives the illusion of a soft suede finish

Sunset Parchment

A warm blend of rich reds and opulent oranges


Neutral stone pattern with soft earth tones

Vanilla Linen

Cool, crisp gray to lend a rich fabric look

Weathered Maple

The look and feel of waterfront driftwood

Woodgrain Emboss

Imitates the look of real woodgrain

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