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Spartech provides innovative solutions for medical products to some of the world’s largest medical equipment and device manufacturers, as well as high-quality packaging used to contain medical devices. For cleanrooms in medical facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, our large-width wall coverings conform to strict safety standards. Deep expertise in materials science helps us create customized, sustainable solutions that conform to the highest health and safety standards. Watch our video to learn more about the solutions and services we provide to the healthcare and medical industries.

Creating Better Outcomes.

Creating solutions for the healthcare industry demands exacting standards and rigid compliance. Because when materials come in contact with the body or packaging contains medical or surgical equipment, safety and quality mean everything. There is an ever-present need to balance performance with risk mitigation, and we take our responsibility to help you manage that balance seriously.

Why Spartech?

Spartech brings 50+ years of proven expertise in developing resins and manufacturing materials that deliver durability, heat resistance, aesthetics, manufacturability, and regulatory compliance. Our medical grade materials will not only meet your technical packaging and equipment needs — they’ll transform your product outcomes.

Not only will we help manage your risk, we also step in when emergency situations arise. For example, in 2020, our team collaborated to develop critical Covid-19 packaging that could withstand below-zero storage temps and perform globally. Our commitment to operational excellence and innovation can serve you, too.

Looking for enhanced features or new product development? Let us help that effort with a full suite of services for development, prototypes, production, and testing with our expert team at our world-class Innovation Center.

Royalite® remains the most trusted and reliable solution for medical devices housings.
Trust Spartech's medical solutions expertise to shape your project for success.
Medical grade PET, PETG, HDPE, HIPS, Polypropylene and Polycarbonate for packaging.

Solutions for Healthcare & Medical

We service a variety of subsets within the healthcare and medical markets, including medical equipment, diagnostics, rigid and flexible packaging, single use consumables, and more. We’ll discuss your specific goals for your project — keeping safety and sustainability top of mind — so we can recommend the right material for your application.

Healthcare Equipment, Clean Rooms, and Medical Devices Housings: Royalite®

The Royalite® line of product materials remains the most trusted and reliable brand of rigid thermoplastic sheets available. The proprietary formulation is ideal for medical equipment housings and enclosures that have stringent safety and performance standards, as it meets UL 94 HB, UL 94 v-0, and UL 94 5VB requirements. Applications include imaging equipment, diagnostic machines, hospital beds, mobile computer stations, and clean room wall coverings.

  • Meets UL safety certification requirements (UL 94 HB, UL 94 v-0, and UL 94 5VB)
  • ASTM E84 class 1/A for surgical room wall coverings and pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Available in a wide range of colors, surface textures and 100% recycled materials

Medical Packaging

Spartech offers medical grade PET, PETG, HDPE, HIPS, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, and 6763 PETG Copolyester for biocompatibility and food contact. Applications include packaging for medical devices and surgical and surgical prep kits, consumable diagnostic slides or strips, surgical kits trays and containers, medical device components, and pharmaceuticals packaging.

  • Meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical protocols
  • Can be sterilized using ETO sterilization or Gamma radiation
  • Capability to deliver products under 0.010" in thickness
  • Produced by three manufacturing facilities, not just one

MediSheet® Material for Backing Cards

For an easier-to-use and more sustainable option to package surgical, dental, and other medical devices, MediSheet™ provides a sturdy yet lighter weight, easily recyclable option. It can be provided as sheet or Spartech will design and cut a custom die cut configuration. Your logo or any usage information can be digitally printed as well. All this can be done in one of two plants, so there are no delays transferring materials for the processes.

  • Specialty grade HDPE, co-poly polyethylene medical grade
  • Clean, ultra-low particulate, QA specification and procedure in place to minimize imbedded particulants
  • Available in sheet and custom die cut cards
  • Digital and screen printing available on site

PPE Sheet

Healthcare professionals rely on personal protective equipment (PPE) to stay healthy, and Spartech’s thin- and thick-gauge plastic materials meet regulatory standards for PPE face shields and other protective barrier materials.


Available as rollstock or as thermoformed containers, Rejuven8™Plus bioplastics are completely customizable — so you can achieve peak product performance while also maximizing sustainability.

Specialty Medical Devices: Polycast®

For specialty medical devices, it’s hard to beat Polycast® PMMA medical grade acrylic rods and sheet materials. This ultra-high quality cast material is USP Class VI approved for biocompatibility. Because Polycast® is an optically clear implantable-grade thermoplastic, it’s a reliable choice for implantable orthopedics, implantable diabetes treatment devices, intraocular lenses, cranial implants, and fluidic reservoirs.

  • Available in rod, tube and sheet configurations
  • Based on biocompatibility test results, Polycast acrylic as supplied is suitable for manufacturing medical devices
  • Applications range from implantable diabetes treatment devices, fluidic reservoirs, implantable orthopedics, intraocular lenses, and cranial implants
  • Polycast® FDA Grade acrylic sheets are Certified NSF Standard 51 in clear, white, red, blue, and green

Tufpak® Autoclave Biohazard Bags:

Our Tufpak™ products are the highest quality, most durable biohazard bags in the industry. Our custom manufacturing and production includes custom labeling and printing for private label bags, making Spartech an all-in-one solution for your project needs.

  • Compliant with specific Federal DOT and EPA Regulations
  • Exceed stringent ASTM tear and dart drop tests
  • Included OSHA required markings and temperature indicator patch
  • Compliant with specific CDC, EU, World Health Organization, & state health/safety codes
  • Available in red, clear, orange, yellow and custom blue and green colors


Our extensive portfolio of products allows us to customize materials to your specific project. You can count on us to deliver:

Technical Expertise

At our Innovation Center, we can reverse engineer solutions, provide physical testing, create custom formulas, do product sampling, conduct safety testing, and more.


From medical device materials to healthcare packaging, we offer a full array of options and applications to help bring your project to life. We’ll guide you step-by-step through product development.

Business Continuity

Because we’re product agnostic, we’ll help you find the exact material fit for your requirements, rather than trying to retrofit a specific product to your use case. And, because we have multiple production facilities, we’ve accounted for failover and other interruptions.

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