The resources to engineer and deliver
innovative product solutions that make
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How We Make It Better.

At Spartech, we expertly leverage our core capabilities of material science expertise, processing knowledge and creative design to deliver the most innovation possible. In the processes we use. The solutions we provide. And, the products we deliver.

We invite you to learn more about our capabilities and how—working together—we can develop products that allow your customers to make the world an easier, safer and better place to live.

We design, formulate, and manufacture highly engineered solutions.

We serve seven demanding end markets, providing innovation for: Aerospace, Building & Construction, Healthcare & Medical, Industrial, Packaging, Signage, and Transportation. Everyday, we work to provide more sustainable solutions for our customers—and our environment.

Spartech operates ten different manufacturing processes.
Ten different manufacturing processes.

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Spartech has seventeen manufacturing facilities in the United States.
Seventeen plant locations in the U.S.

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Spartech works with 20 different polymer technologies.
Twenty different polymer technologies and the ability to compound to thousands of custom formulas.

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Spartech compounds polymers into thousands of solutions.
Thirty-one specialized solutions and more than 250 specialized products.

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Spartech serves over a thousand customers
Serving over a thousand customers—in seven key markets—both OEM and channel distribution.

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Spartech delivers over 10,000 skus
Delivering over ten-thousand SKUs.

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Innovation Center.

Our Innovation Center in St. Louis has pilot and prototyping lines where we can bring customers in, collaborate, and develop their products right here with them, every day.

Broad and Sustainable Material Focus.

With polymers that span across 20 different chemistries and our deep material science expertise, Spartech has the ability to provide more than a thousand custom compounds. Rather than relying on a narrow set of choices, our diverse materials focus allows us to pinpoint the best possible customer solution, unlike many of our competitors.

We have one mission:
To make it better.

We have one mission: To make it better.

Are you ready for the better solution?

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