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Category Name Description Details
ABS Sheet Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) sheet offers a tough, durable solution for applications from automotive to bathware. Details
Acetate Films Derived from wood pulp, cellulose acetate films are plasticized to enhance flexibility and durability. Our Spartech acetate films are easy to work with and durable in many applications. Details
APET / PET Sheet Series 55 APET / PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a clear material that is used for PPE face shields. It offers excellent chemical protection and good impact properties. Details
Bioplastics Our Rejuven8™Plus materials provide sustainable plastic packaging solutions for food, healthcare, and consumer goods products. Details
Calendered PVC Films Versatile, durable and easy to handle, Spartech's calendered PVC films help you differentiate commercial coverings of all kinds. Details
Cell Cast Acrylic When demanding jobs and environments require both functionality and high levels of visual quality, Polycast® cast acrylic sheets, rods and tubes deliver optical clarity and durability. Details
Cellulose Acetate Sheet Cellulose Acetate sheets for healthcare are thin thermoplastic products that are lightweight and very flexible, yet strong. Details
Copolyester Sheet Spartech's portfolio offers a range of polyester-based products, including a variety of specialty copolyester sheet solutions. Details
Flame Rated Sheet Spartech's Royalite® line of flame retardant sheet offers comprehensive options for applications such as construction panels, equipment housing, transit interiors, and device enclosures. Details
Flexible Sheet From floor mats to walls, our portfolio of flexible sheet solutions serves a diverse range of markets and applications. Details
HIPS High impact polystyrene (HIPS) provides impact resistant solutions for a variety of applications, including printed graphics, refrigerator interiors, and bathware. Details
Lenticular 3D Specialty Printing Sheet This clear, print-grade plastic sheet has a series of longitudinal lenses extruded into the surface that can produce a 3D, flip, animation, or morph effects. Details
Low Emission Specialty Sheet Commonly used as an oxygen or gas barrier, low E sheet is weather resistant, oil and solvent resistant, moldable, recyclable, and even printable. Details
Olefin Sheet Olefin-based materials are known for their durability, chemical resistance, light weight and ease of processing. Details
PETG Sheet FDA-approved PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) is a widely used PPE face shield and barrier material that offers excellent airborne contaminant protection and good impact resistance. Details
Polycarbonate and Impact Modified Acrylic Spartech's portfolio of polycarbonate and impact modified acrylic products is focused on meeting the needs of our thermoformed sign customers. Details
Polyethylene Sheet Our polyethylene products are composed of versatile thermoplastic extruded sheet with high impact strength, excellent chemical resistance and good thermoformability. Details
Polymer Based Films Find all the films your company needs to succeed in today’s marketplace. No matter the substrate you need to work with, or the after-effects your customers will be looking for, you can work with Spartech to get it right. Details
PPE Sheet Spartech offers a complete line of thin gauge and thick gauge plastic materials used in vital PPE face shields and as building materials for protective barriers. Details
Thermoformed Packaging and Rollstock Food, healthcare, consumer—from concept to functional plastic packaging design, Spartech solutions are shaping the way companies take their products to market. Details
TPO Sheet These products withstand whatever the elements and heavy use throw at them: harsh weather, chemicals, heavy vibration, and heat stresses. Details

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