Sustainability + ESG

At Spartech, we place sustainability,
environmental and ESG issues
at the very center of our focus.

Sustainability + ESG

A Sustainable Future.

As an organization, we have come to embrace the dilemma presented by plastics: That while the benefits to society are seemingly endless and growing, recyclability and waste do present real issues that must be properly managed.

At Spartech, we are committed to being a careful and prudent leader in the management of all issues facing plastics: To give the world the very best that plastics can provide, while reducing their negative impact on our future.

A Better Solution.

Unfortunately, some today have come to view plastics as an ‘enemy of the planet.’ But peer-reviewed scientific research paints a very different picture: Contrary to popular opinion, plastic is often the most "green" choice of all materials available.

Lightweight in nature, plastic optimizes resource consumption. Compared to other materials such as glass, metal, or paper, plastic requires fewer raw materials to produce the same volume of goods. This reduced resource demand leads to lower energy consumption, water usage, and carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

And of course, the unique characteristics of plastic often make it the only material that can perform certain jobs. The simple truth is that strong, lightweight plastics enable us all to live safer, easier and better lives.

But finding the right balance between sustainability and performance can be difficult, due to vast differences in performance required for each application. Working with Spartech can help achieve the optimal balance between performance and sustainability.

Through innovative, sustainable and progressive practices and solutions, we intend to play an ever stronger and more vocal role in helping the world reap the incredible benefits of plastics, today and into the future.

Operationally, we do this through increasing capabilities in regrind and recyclability, including closed-loop recycling programs, the use of sustainable, phthalate-free PVC materials and high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE).

We do this through greener materials, including recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), PDVC-free packaging, bio-based, compostable materials, and cold storage materials that allow use the use of eco-friendly hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs) instead of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

We also do this through material efficiency such as the Polycast® security barrier technology, which uses less material than other substitutes—and our lenticular product line, which reduces the number of LED bulbs needed in tail lights. Spartech can also 'lightweight' electric vehicles by replacing metal with plastic components.

A Vision For Tomorrow.

We have placed sustainability and environmental issues at the very center of our focus. Not simply to comply with regulations and standards, but to drive true change that transforms tomorrow. This, we believe, is how real value is created.

So we are strong stewards of the environment. Seeking new ways to improve air quality. Using less packaging. Reducing and reusing water and waste. Managing hazardous materials. Mitigating climate change.

We seek to exceed compliance and regulatory standards. Source the most efficient materials. Lead the way in data security and customer privacy. We will also embrace the most practical aspects of ESG (environment, social and governance) to create value for our customers, our business and world in general.

The world needs a better, more responsible approach to the business and the benefits of plastics. Spartech intends to be the organization that points our industry—and the world in general—toward solutions for the better. To learn more, visit

How We Make a Difference for Your Products, and the Environment.

Spartech increases capabilities in regrind and recyclability with closed-loop recycling programs.
  • Recyclable: Customers' trim is 100% recyclable
  • Recycled Content: Substrates can be designed to integrate 100% recycled content for a closed loop product.
  • Closed Loop: Customers' trim recycled back into a substrate for use in a similar product, avoding landfill or downcycling
  • Supply Chain Sustainability: We repurchase trim from our customers' locations across the United States
  • Production Optimization: By repurposing production trim back into structures, we save energy and minimze waste
  • Economical: Substrates are designed to meet customers' performance, aesthetic, and cost expectations

Spartech is a member of the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR)

Spartech is a member of The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), an international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry and dedicated to environmentally sustainable product solutions. APR promotes the plastics recycling industry by providing leadership for long-term industry growth and vitality, including developing protocols for packaging design for greater recyclability, improving the quality of postconsumer plastics entering the environment, and fostering a strong interface with end-user markets. The membership, gives Spartech opportunities to interact and network with over 300 like-minded organizations focused on recycling and sustainability initiatives, help Spartech to assist our customers in gaining a broader understanding of sustainability challenges that companies and industries are facing and develop custom recyclable-forward plastics products and solutions to meet these needs.

We have one mission:
To make it better.

We have one mission: To make it better.

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