Operational Excellence

Working to attain the very best from
every aspect of our business. To us,
this is what excellence means.

Operational Excellence

Process For Improvement.

Here, the constant and consistent pursuit of excellence guides everything we do. And no where is this more evident than in our dedication to operational excellence. Including our commitment to a Total Safety Environment to achieve a zero-incident workplace through a Health and Safety Management System. Our material management effort that streamlines sourcing and pricing for more than 200 suppliers. And, our Total Quality commitment that includes Six Sigma training for our plant managers across all facilities.

At Spartech, building a well-optimized and streamlined, superior operation requires commitment to five key areas: 1) safety, 2) conversion costs, 3) material utilization, 4) quality, and 5) equipment effectiveness. Our operations leaders constantly monitor KPIs for each of these focus areas, ensuring we adequately prioritize each and continually improve every area of opportunity.

Supplier Quality Assurance—A Top Priority.

Our business is structured to be stable and profitable for customers. Rather than attempting to be all things to all customers, we operate by focusing on quality raw materials and continued supplier excellence. This streamlined approach allows us to better serve those clients whose needs align with our core competencies.

Optimized Operations Drive Our Sustainability + ESG Efforts.

Through rigorous and continuous improvement of safety, waste disposal, and energy consumption, we leverage our operational excellence approach to drive overall sustainability efforts. Spartech constantly evaluates performance metrics to achieve maximum utilization of secondary and recycled materials. When we prioritize sustainable operations, we help sustain the world — while creating cost savings that benefit our customers.

We have one mission:
To make it better.

We have one mission: To make it better.

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