Lasting appeal is a sure sign that our products are the right choice.

Custom outdoor and indoor signage

Outdoor and indoor signs speak volumes of what people want to tell the world. They communicate advertising, types of business and even offer directions to help people find where they are going. Spartech makes sure your design requirements are heading in the right direction with a complete portfolio of polycarbonate, impact modified acrylic, polystyrene and copolyester products.

These products meet the requirements for flat and thermoformed sign faces by offering the impact resistance, durability, weatherability and formability needed to meet the demands of indoor and outdoor applications. Spartech’s product offerings can be customized to achieve the color, sheet or reel size, and gauge that for your specific end use. If you have questions, our experts have the answers you need regarding product and selection advice for your application and fabrication capabilities.

Outdoor sign applications:

  • Sign faces
  • Sign enclosures
  • Flat or thermoformed outdoor sign faces
  • Channel letter faces
  • Decorated substrates
  • Backlit interior and exterior sign applications

Interior graphic arts sign applications:

  • Printable sheets
  • Translucent and fabrication signage
  • Backlit



Lasting appeal.

With the right outdoor sign sheet, reel, and enclosure material, you can display graphics and messages both day and night that are bright, bold and lasting. Spartech offers everything from impact modified acrylic, polycarbonate and copolyester to specialty ABS for signs that can handle the constantly changing demands of outdoor weather. Plus, these materials are ideal for both forming and fabrication and allow you to create signs that have aesthetic appeal.

Product List:

  • SunGard® Polycarbonate
  • Tuf-Glas™ Impact Acrylic
  • Crylex® High Impact Acrylc
  • WeatherPro™ SG High Performance ABS
  • Sta-Tuf™ High Impact Opaque Thermoplastic Alloy


The art behind sign material.

Signs can do a lot of jobs that include promoting store sales, upcoming events and display advertising that sells any product imaginable. Spartech meets all these varying possibilities with products such as our PrintMax™ printable styrene sheet that is our most popular specialty printing substrate. With surface texture and color consistency, it offers excellent ink adhesion control for vivid graphics arts use and excels with sheet-fed and rollstock screen, digital and lithographic printing.

PrintMax™ styrene sheets provide superior ink adhesion, can be readily embossed and come with industry-leading tolerance control to ensure high quality print consistency, maximum press speeds, and minimum set-up. Added benefits are that this material lays flat, is available in square sheets, and has a leading edge cut as well as providing gauge, width and length control.

Bright and beautifully durable.

UltraTuf® PETG is our standout material for translucent jobs and fabrication. This rigid copolyester sheet offers outstanding clarity, very high impact strength, excellent thermoforming and fabrication characteristics and outstanding chemical resistance. PETG is engineered this material to be tougher than acrylic while still giving fabricators attractive and durable parts.

You will also benefit from UltraTuf® PETG since it is fabrication, print and die-cut friendly, doesn’t require drying and works well for both clear and translucent print projects. If needed, this material is available with FDA certification. It’s just another bright idea from Spartech for your next sign project.

Product List:

  • UltraTuf® PETG
  • PrintMax™ High Impact Polystyrene
  • Rejuven8Plus™ Bioplastic


Additional information on physical properties, performance, use and handling is available in “Spartech’s “Guidelines for Cleaning and Fabricating Plastic Signage Materials.”

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Following are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when fabricating and otherwise working with thermoplastic sheet materials.

1. Store sheet materials horizontally in a well-ventilated, constant temperature environment. Avoid storing in areas where the temperature could exceed 100°F. A-frames or special racks can be used to store sheet vertically – rack construction should allow the sheet to lean no more than approximately 10°.

2. Thermoplastic sheet materials are combustible. Do not place or store in or near open flame or other sources of ignition. Always consider fire precautions when working with thermoplastic sheet materials.

3. Plastics used in sign faces should be cleaned periodically (1-2 times per year). A regular cleaning program will help minimize any visible weathering of the sign face from dirt, grime, rain and other natural elements. More cleaning details are explained throughout this guide.

4. For optimal cutting and drilling quality, these guidelines should be observed:

a. Use sharp blades, bits and tools reserved for cutting plastic sheet.
b. Use proper and constant feed rates and RPMs.
c. Prolong tool life by using a faster rate of cut to achieve the desired edge or cut quality.

5. Determine suitability of all sheet materials for use with products, such as paint, adhesives or cleaners, from the manufacturers of those products prior to adopting them on a commercial scale.

6. For assistance with custom requirements, contact a Spartech representative.