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Graphic Arts & Signage

From Design to Sign

One-stop solutions are what Spartech can offer with the vertical integration of design, sheet and rollstock production, printing, and die-cutting all in one location. We offer a wide range of materials for indoor and outdoor signage, promotional structures, and advertising specialties products. Is a sustainable material needed? We can provide that, too! Watch our video for more about the solutions and services we provide to the graphic arts and signage industry.

Sending The Better Message.

We believe creating signage is both an art and science—and we’re here to help you incorporate both into your signs. The key is to start with the right sign sheet, reel, and enclosure material for your project, and then bring it to life with creative visual solutions. Who says you can’t have form and function?

Looking for enhanced features or new product development? Let us help that effort with a full suite of services for development, prototypes, production, and testing with our expert team at our world-class Innovation Center.

Why Spartech?

Spartech offers a variety of materials—everything from impact modified acrylic, polycarbonate and copolyester to specialty ABS—to create signs that can stand up to outdoor weather conditions while still allowing for aesthetic forming and fabrication. For indoor projects, we’ll help you determine just the right products to create the look and functionality you desire.

With our 50+ years of proven expertise in developing interior and exterior signage, you can feel comfortable trusting us to provide solutions that accomplish your goals for timing, quality, and budget. We offer multiple chemistries, superior ink adhesion, and adherence to UL/SAM standards to ensure your project outcomes are satisfactory. Even better, we’ll help you keep your project sustainable with bio-based resin products, created through our innovative PLA technology.

Architectural design for display units, fixtures, light fixtures, and accessories.
Retail and promotional signage with printing for short- or long-term promotions.
Interior or exterior printed signs for business and commercial applications.

Solutions for Graphics Arts & Signage

Whether you’re creating outdoor signage that must withstand heat, weather, and rough conditions or promotional indoor signage that needs to “wow” customers, we'll draw from our extensive product lines to formulate just the right solution for your needs.


Crylex® is the preferred material for rigid formed sign faces when both weatherability and impact strength are required. It’s tough enough to withstand the typical abuses of sign fabrication and installation, while still retaining its color, clarity and resistance to harsh outdoor environments.


  • Lenticular APET — This clear, print-grade plastic sheet has a series of longitudinal lenses extruded into the surface that can produce a 3D, flip, animation, or morph effects.
  • Lenticular PETG — This clear, print-grade plastic sheet has a series of longitudinal lenses extruded into the surface that can produce a 3D, flip, animation, or morph effects.
  • Lenticular Sheet — Our lenticular material is a clear, print-grade plastic sheet that has a series of longitudinal lenses extruded into the surface that can produce 3-D, flip, animation, or morph effects.


PolyPrime® products are graphic arts quality, extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) sheets. They are durable and easy to convert for a variety of product applications such as signs, POP displays, and OEM applications, and are available in a variety of sizes and gauges as well as many stock colors.


Specifically formulated for graphic arts use, our family of PrintMax® printing grade styrene materials will bring your project to life with sheet- and rollstock-fed screen, digital and lithographic printing. These printable sheets provide superior ink adhesion, can be readily embossed, and come with industry-leading tolerance control to ensure high quality print consistency, maximum press speeds, and minimum set-up.

Rejuven8™Plus Bioplastic Materials 

The Rejuven8™Plus family is another environmentally friendly plastics solution from Spartech. It is a proprietary engineered material that is over 95% Bio-based and mineral-based. It is a plastic resin that is derived from plants that are an annually renewable resource.

Rejuven8™Plus has been engineered to be fit for use in most printing, fabricating, and thermoforming applications. It is a white opaque material that has similar strength properties to APET and PVC, and is PVC-free. Spartech's Rejuven8™Plus environmental benefits include:

  • Less energy to produce
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Renewable resource
  • Biodegradable
  • Less extrusion energy
  • Volitile organic compound reduction


Perfect for thermoformed outdoor opaque letters, Sta-Tuf™ is a highly engineered opaque thermoplastic alloy with high light transmission and true color rendition to create eye-catching, durable signage.

SunGard® SG

SunGard® SG weatherable sheet products combine the impact strength of polycarbonate with unmatched ultraviolet stability. Thanks to these unique properties, SunGard® SG sheets are the perfect choice for various exterior sign applications. If you need an ultra-tough material, SunGard® SG is your solution.


If high-quality, long-term aesthetic appeal is your goal, Tuf-Glas™ is the premier clear rigid sheet for your sign applications. It combines exceptional impact strength, clarity and stiffness with outstanding formability and ease of fabrication.


If your project requires extreme toughness and ease of fabrication, this is your product. ​​Due to excellent formability at low temperatures, UltraTuf SG can be easily thermoformed after decoration with vinyl graphics and screen inks. In addition, UltraTuf SG usually doesn’t require pre-drying.

  • UltraTuf® PETG
  • UltraTuf® PETG Med
  • UltraTuf® APET
  • UltraTuf® APET FDA
  • UltraTuf® APET AF
  • UltraTuf® T

Ultros™ Renu, Ultros™ 90 RPETG Recycled PETG Sheet Solution 

Ultros™ Renu recycled PETG sheet is a rigid co-polyester material designed for the visual merchandising, retail display and graphic arts market and offers excellent printability, toughness, ease of fabrication and strong chemical resistance. It offers many of the same excellent characteristics exhibited by our other PETG brands while containing more than 40% pre-consumer content. Primary benefits are:

  • Excellent chemical resistance - maintains appearance and performance for longer shelf life
  • Die cuts with ease for easier fabrication
  • Availability in matte on one side, lenticular, tints and colors
  • Excellent formability—drying not required for forming operations; reduced energy required to form, and is fully recyclable


Uniquely engineered and balanced for outstanding performance and aesthetics, these multi-layer thermoplastic extruded sheet products are designed with properties—making them perfect for outdoor use. Outside of signage, WeatherPro® Sheet is well suited for applications in trucking, agricultural, power sports, marine, and recreational vehicles, so you know it’s the real deal.

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