Valiant Healthcare Solutions

Valiant Healthcare Solutions

Valiant™ Healthcare Solutions include a wide range of rollstock solutions for sterile device packaging and pharmaceutical applications. Available with high barrier components for enhanced stability, our solutions help you meet the stringent requirements of the global healthcare industry.

Packaging for healthcare applications often must withstand the rigors of sterilization and harsh global shipping conditions. Material selection is critical to meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring devices and medication are delivered safely.

Spartech's deep materials knowledge and industry expertise helps you develop compliant packaging that will get your healthcare products to market fast, and reduce the risk of failure along the way.

Typical Uses

  • Medical device trays or kit packaging 
  • Diagnostic kits – available in high barrier to reduce secondary packaging
  • Unit dosage cups 
  • Pharmaceutical packaging

Valiant Healthcare Solutions
Product Name Description Characteristics
Valiant™ Monolayer rollstock and formed parts Custom designed or stock solutions
Valiant™ Ultra Barrier, multi-layer rollstock and formed parts High-performance / structural formulations