Rejuven8™ Bioplastic Materials

Rejuven8™ Bioplastic Materials Rejuven8™

High-performance plastic meets planet-friendly material

With more and more plastic being used in food, healthcare and consumer goods packaging, brand owners need options for advancing sustainability while maintaining product quality and performance. 

Our Rejuven8 materials meet this demand. Available as rollstock or as thermoformed containers, these bioplastics are customizable to achieve a correct balance between product performance and package sustainability.


  • Available as rollstock or thermoformed containers
  • Can be fabricated to contain renewable content or be recyclable
  • Customizable for package functionality and performance benefits such as gloss, transparency, and clarity
  • Processing freedom, including the potential to support existing line speeds and low temperature production environments without major equipment modifications

Rejuven8 Bioplastic Materials
Product Name Description Characteristics
Rejuven8™ Bioplastic materials – rollstock or thermoformed containers Customizable with sustainable options while maintaining package performance and functionality