Polycast® Specialty Acrylic Sheet

Polycast® Specialty Acrylic Sheet

Highly specialized technology and applications

When you struggle to find the specialized acrylic sheet you need, Spartech Polycast® Specialty Acrylic Sheet is your solution. Spartech can modify Polycast acrylic sheet to change certain physical, chemical or optical properties to help meet your requirements, including the introduction of sensitive dyes and other additives. 


  • Pressurized Vehicle for Human Occupancy – PVHO
    • Polycast is the major supplier of acrylic sheet to the PVHO market. This highly critical application utilizes our expertise in producing optically superior sheet in thick sections.
  • Extra Thick Sheet
    • Sheet thicker than 4.500” is available as composite casting. The sheet is optically superior when viewed though the surface; however, polished edges may show the original casting surfaces as lines. This material meets PVHO requirements.
  • Close Tolerance Sheet
    • Maintains closer thickness tolerances than standard commercial grade sheet.
  • Textured Sheet
    • Sheet is available with a matte (GL-15) finish in clear and colors.
  • Preshrunk Sheet
    • Sheet that is thermally preshrunk, but does not meet MIL-P-5425.
    • Available in thicknesses of .060” to 4.250”.

Polycast Specialty
Product Name Description Characteristics
Polycast PVHO Pressurized vehicle human occupancy Annealed
Polycast CT sheet Close tolerance sheet Tight thickness tolerance
Polycast Perfume Resistant Cross linked perfume grade Higher resistance to chemical attack
Polycast Fluorescence Fluorescent colored sheet Bright color consistency
Polycast Disinfectant Grade Modified acrylic polymer sheet Enhanced chemical resistance, resists crazing
Polycast Arena Glazing Cross-linked for glazing applications High impact and abrasion resistance