Polycast® Clear Rods & Tubes

Polycast® Clear Rods & Tubes Polycast® Clear Rods & Tubes

Polished and crystal clear cast acrylic rods and tubes customized to spec

Polycast cast acrylic clear rods and tubes are highly polished, crystal clear and can be manufactured to the most exact specifications. The standard material is a clear, ultraviolet absorbing acrylic with a maximum continuous service temperature of 150˚F. Custom sizing and thickness are available to meet your exact specs.


  • Diameters ranging from 1.25" O.D. to 27.625" O.D.
  • Wall thickness of .125", .187", .250", .375" and .500" are available in most diameter tubes.
  • Special walls are available on request. Tubing is manufactured in standard 6’ lengths (nominal 71" to 73").

Clear Cast Acrylic Rods

  • Diameters ranging from .250" to 9.00"
  • Tight tolerances throughout the manufacturing process assure you of getting the highest quality rods in the industry.
  • Suitable for high precision machining and medical imaging markets
  • Standard lengths:
    • 8' for rods between .250" and 2.00" in diameter
    • 6' for rods between 2.125" and 3.00" in diameter
    • 4' for rods between 3.25" and 6.00" in diameter
    • 3' for rods 6.50" to 8.00" in diameter.