Royalite® Sheet for Static Control

Royalite® Sheet for Static Control Royalite® R63

Providing permanent static protection

Flame-rated and electrically conductive, containers made from this PVC/ABS sheet provide permanent static protection. This material also provides the dimensional stability typical of ABS plastics required for today's robotic material handling systems. Royalite® Sheet for Static Control meets the minimum static decay requirements outlined in MIL-B-81705C and NFPA Code 99 specifications, and is recognized under the component program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. with a classification of 94V-1 at 0.066". Thermoplastic sheet combines high stiffness and abrasion resistance with excellent thermoformability.

Royalite Sheet for Static Control
Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
R63 Flame-rated, electronically conductive ABS/PVC sheet High dimensional stability Excellent thermoformability
R632 Electrically conductive UL listed ABS/PVC sheet UL listed flame rated High impact strength