Royalite® Aerospace Rated Sheet

Royalite® Aerospace Rated Sheet Royalite® Aerospace Rated Sheet

A complete range of aircraft interior solutions

This family of FAA-compliant sheet products combines light weight with very high impact strength, high tensile strength and stiffness, excellent formability and ductility. The reduction in weight allows for reduced overall production costs for aircraft manufacturers and reduced operating costs and fuel consumption for aircraft operators.


  • Lightweight 
  • Flame & smoke-rated 
  • Very high impact strength 
  • High tensile strength 
  • Excellent formability 
  • Colors -  tremendous range of colors with a multitude of textures ranging from smooth to deep-textured. 
  • Finishing  - possible to machine, saw, drill, rout and grind this rigid Royalite sheet. It can be punched and die-cut, and paints can be applied by spray, silk screen or roller coating. For optimum performance, paints formulated for plastics must be used. As long as proper procedures are followed, the material can be joined to other materials, or itself, by adhesive bonding, ultrasonic welding, and by mechanical fasteners such as screws and rivets. 

Royalite Aerospace Rated Sheet
Product Name Description Characteristics
R57 Fire-rated rigid ABS/PVC Lightweight High impact strength
R60 Fire-rated PVC/Acrylic rigid Excellent formability High impact strength
R66 Fire-rated PVC/Acrylic Reduced smoke generation