Tuf-Glas™ Sheet

Tuf-Glas™ Sheet Tuf-Glas™

Take toughness outdoors with Tuf-Glas™ clear rigid sheet

Toughness and weatherability. When it comes to signage and clear sheeting applications, you want a material that will stand up to the demands of forming, fabrication and installation. And once installed, you need a material that holds up over time. Spartech formulations are designed for class-leading performance in these critical areas.

Tuf-Glas™ is the premier clear rigid sheet for all types of sign applications. It combines exceptional impact strength, clarity and stiffness with outstanding formability and ease of fabrication. Choose Tuf-Glas when your project needs the best, long-term esthetics.

Additionally, when you work with Spartech, count on un-biased product and selection advice. Depending on your application and fabrication capabilities, some materials will perform better than others in use. Most sheet suppliers are limited to a single product offering; leaving the sign maker with limited sign face options. Spartech recognizes that all signs and all manufacturers aren’t alike and offers our customers a variety of choices suited to their exact custom requirements. See our portfolio of products for signage and clear sheeting applications below.

Sign & Clear Sheeting Products
Product Name Description Toughness Weatherability Esthetics Forming & Fabrication
Crylex™ Impact modified acrylic Good Best Better Best
Tuf-Glas™ Impact modified acrylic Good Best Best Better
Sta-Tuf™ opaque thermoplastic alloy Better Best Better Best
SunGard® Polycarbonate Best Better Better Good
UltraTuf™ SG Copolyester Better Better Best Best
UltraTuf™ SG Chrome Copolyester Better Better Best Best