SoundX™ Flexible Acoustic Barrier Sheet

SoundX™ Mass Loaded Vinyl Flexible Acoustic Barrier Sheet

SoundX™  MLV flexible sheets absorb sound waves and prevent transmission of sound

SoundX™ Mass Loaded Vinyl flexible sheets are used for sound abatement in automotive, industrial and building applications. The high specific gravity of MLV SoundX™  sheets block the transmission of sound waves and are effective at reducing noise.


The SoundX™  product line offers a flexible acoustical barrier solution for a range of applications.

  • Mass loaded vinyl flexible sheet provides effective sound-deadening qualities
  • Easy to fabricate, SoundX™ MLV sheets can be fabricated using a range of processes (adhesives, lamination, die cutting, etc.)
  • Easily cut on site using standard construction tools
  • Thermoformability: Formulations available for low to medium draw thermoforming applications
  • Custom sizes & packaging: Customers can select from various gauges, cut sizes, order sizes and colors to get the exact flexible sheet for their needs
  • Flammability: SoundX™  meets MVSS 302 and formulations are available to meet UL HB
  • Available as PVC-based SoundX 100 or non-PVC SoundX EVA
  • Regulatory needs: SoundX™  formulations are RoHS-compliant and barium-free color matches avaliable upon request
  • Customizable formulations to meet transportation industry OEM material specification and specialized thermoforming processes in any industry

Sound Abatement Properties:

SoundX EVA and SoundX100 meet or exceed the predicted sound reduction as calculated by the limp mass law:  dB = 20*log (f*m) - 33 (where f = frequency in Hz and m=mass in lb/SF)

Product Name Description Strengths
SoundX 100 Flexible PVC Sheet Ease of fabrication
SoundX EVA Flexible non-PVC acoustical barrier Excellent cold temperature flexibility