Floorlite™ Durable Sheets

Floorlite™ Durable Sheets Floorlite™ Durable Sheets

Flexible solutions combine superior scratch & mar resistance with thermoformability

Floorlite™ products by Spartech are flexible TPO and TPR durable sheet that are lightweight, easily thermoformed, provide a mar resistant surface, and are approved for automotive use in applications such as non-carpet flooring protection.


  • Retains color fastness under UV exposure: Floorlite aesthetic values comply with automotive standards for color and dimension stability.
  • High chemical resistance: Floorlite flexible sheets meet automotive requirements for resistance to surface staining and discoloration from harsh cleaners and automotive chemicals.
  • Excellent thermoformability: Sheets conform well to automotive flooring contours and comply with automotive dimensional stability demands.
  • Formulation adjustments: for flexibility, grain or dimensional stability
  • Gauge range: roll or sheet (length range)
  • Scrap utilization and buy-back
  • Floorlite C & D meets the following OEM specifications: Ford: WSB-M99D63-A2 and WSS-M99D63-A3, GM: GM2616M and GMW16803, Chrysler: MS-DC643, Toyota: TSL5704G-3, Nissan: NE7105

Custom color matches are available upon request

Floorlite™ Durable Sheets
Product Name Description Characteristics
Floorlite D Durable flooring Superior durability, lightweight
Floorlite C Durable flooring Durable, lightweight
Floorlite TPR-1 Floor mats, cargo liners Improved traction, low gloss