Korad™ Weatherable Acrylic Films

Korad™ Weatherable Acrylic Films Korad™ Acrylic Films

Exceptional color stability—designed to weather the elements

Korad films are the preferred surfacing films for ABS, HIPS, PVC, PMMA, PC and ASA in weather-impacted environments worldwide. When working with Korad acrylic polymers, you can expect exceptional color stability – even under long term exposure to UV light, visible light, moisture, heat and cold. Use its high flexibility and ease of manufacture to your advantage for all sorts of applications, both indoor and outdoor.


Printable, paintable and bondable, Korad films offer:

  • Long-term color and gloss stability during outdoor exposure
  • Outstanding UV protection
  • Fade resistance for wood grain or other printed patterns
  • Available in an unlimited palette of colors, standard and custom
  • Transparent high gloss, low gloss and ultra-low gloss finishes
  • Consistent, predictable gloss control (10% to 85%) and good depth of gloss over ABS, HIPS, PVC, PMMA, PC or ASA
  • Protection from indoor fluorescent lighting against yellowing
  • Abrasion protection and detergent resistance
  • Mildew and fungus resistance for finished parts
  • Ease of manufacture
  • Regrind reusability

Typical Applications

  • Exterior recreational & agricultural equipment components
  • Bath & shower surrounds
  • Exterior building components (i.e. shutters)
  • Labels for exterior use