AquaPro™ Multi-Layer Acrylic/ABS Sheet

AquaPro Multi-Layer Acrylic/ABS Sheet AquaPro™ Multi-Layer Sheet

Custom extruded layers provide flexible manufacturing options

The AquaPro™ product line features a uniquely engineered multi-layer thermoplastic composite sheet combining the appearance, chemical and weather resistance of specially formulated acrylic resins with the stiffness, impact strength and thermoforming characteristics of ABS. The outstanding balance of properties are designed for thermoformed sanitary ware applications including bathtubs, bathtub liners, bath wall surrounds, accessories and sinks.


  • High gloss, excellent appearance
  • Good chemical resistance and scratch resistance
  • Impact resistant ABS substrate
  • Available in smooth and haircell textures
  • Granite style and other decorative laminates available  
  • Able to match multiple colors
  • Used in decorative printed laminates
  • Used in a stand-alone structure or as part of a product reinforced with rigid components

Product Name Description Appearance Toughness
AquaPro A-20 Multi-layer acrylic/ABS Excellent Good