EnviroTuf™ is a composite sheet utilizing short-strand fiberglass for reinforcement, which adds a high level of stiffness to a polyolefin base resin.

EnviroTuf™ is a replacement for traditional chopped-strand or closed mold fiberglass parts and can be easily thermoformed. The fiber glass component increases flexural modulus (part stiffness) and heat deflection temperature, making this alloy suited for under-the-hood applications. Other key features of EnviroTuf™ include very low CLTE and good impact strength.


  • High level of stiffness
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High heat deflection temperature
  • Good impact strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fortified for large part thermoforming

Target Markets and Applications

  • Agricultural — for cooling fan shrouds, engine filter covers, feeder bins, partitions
  • Construction Equipment — for interior dash assemblies, engine covers, water shields, floor applications
  • Medium & Heavy Truck — for engine fan shrouds, interior instrument panel supports, HVAC covers
  • Power Sports — for ATV & snow skid plates, golf cart floor panels and rear body cargo holds
  • Automotive — for instrument panel supports, under the hood covers, dunnage trays

Colors and Textures

  • EnviroTuf™ can be offered in black, white, beige or grey colors
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for color matching
  • Available Textures — smooth, or fiber-filled appearance


is a custom extruded sheet product.

  • Sheet Size &mdah; maximum width is 92”
  • Gauges 0.080" — 0.300"
  • Minimum Order — 10,000 lbs.


EnviroTuf™ glass filled TPO sheet can be thermoformed in standard thermoforming ovens, although zoned ceramic or quartz heaters are recommended. Forming over aluminum cooled tooling results in the best part aesthetics.

Molds made from fiberglass or epoxy can be used for tooling prototyping or small part runs. Care must be taken in forming to heat sheet evenly and not overheat.

Stock temperatures of approximately 340° F - 360° F are recommended targets, but each process should be adjusted to allow proper forming. As with any thermoplastic material, coefficient of thermal expansion and mold shrinkage should be considered for proper part fit and tooling design.

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