Product Spotlight: SoundX® for Oil and Gas

Product Spotlight: SoundX® for Oil and Gas

While many customers know us for the breadth and depth of our transportation, medical, and consumer packaging product lines, some may not associate Spartech with heavy duty industrial use.

Product Spotlight: SoundX® for Oil and Gas

Spartech provides customized solutions to demanding end markets. Our products lend themselves to a variety of end uses, and our operational efficiency and innovative approach ensure best-in-class customer experiences. While many customers know us for the breadth and depth of our transportation, medical, and consumer packaging product lines, some may not associate Spartech with heavy duty industrial use.

SoundX® is a flexible, acoustic barrier noise-reducing sheet long known for its automotive and building construction applications — but now it’s also proven to be a game changer in the oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas: Not for the Faint of Heart

On an oil platform, living quarters and meeting facilities require noise reduction and fire suppression in order to provide a safe environment for oil and gas workers both on, and off, the job. At Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facilities, noise reduction materials are used to mask heavy noise and vibration around LNG cryogenic pipes at LNG terminals.

Manufactured at our Manitowoc facility, we are able to provide custom cuts and amounts of material quickly to respond to customer project demands. Once we receive the project requirements, our team explores existing solutions, and if the situation requires, collaboratively explores innovative material solutions to meet customers' needs.

Why is SoundX® such a fitting solution? Here’s how it meets the high standards and tough requirements of the oil and gas industry.

1. High specific gravity.

Thanks to the high specific gravity of MLV SoundX® sheets, this material blocks the transmission of sound waves and effectively reduces noise.

2. Easy fabrication.

Because SoundX® MLV sheets can be fabricated using a range of processes (e.g., adhesives, lamination, and die cutting), they lend themselves to the various shapes, sizes, and structures that drilling equipment requires. Customers can select from various gauges, cut sizes, order sizes and colors to get the exact flexible sheet for their needs.

3. Low flammability.

SoundX® meets MVSS 302 and formulations are available to meet UL HB. That means that no matter what safety standards an oil and gas customer needs to adhere to for their specific application, we can provide a product that meets their needs.

4. PVC and non-PVC applications.

Many customers have a strong preference between PVC and non-PVC applications. Certain countries even require non-PVC solutions. SoundX® is available as PVC-based SoundX® 100 or non-PVC SoundX® 50 EVA, making it a universal solution.

5. High regulatory standards.

Safety is a top priority at Spartech. SoundX® formulations are RoHS-compliant, and barium-free color matches are also available upon request.

Applying SoundX® in the oil and gas industry is a great example of Spartech’s product agnostic approach, as well as our core value for innovation. When customers come to us with problems, we provide solutions, not just simple answers. Sometimes, the solution is a new product application; other times, it’s a completely new, innovative product.

Our customers trust us to help them define the right material for their job, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping them find materials that meet all of specification, budget, and regulatory requirements. We can’t wait to watch SoundX®'s growth trajectory in the oil and gas space.

November 10, 2022

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