Making It Better At Mach 3

Making It Better At Mach 3

Built on the legacy of PolyCast®, Spartech leads the industry in developing innovative aircraft canopies that meet MilSpec standards and are the preferred choice for defense and private aircraft.

Making It Better at Mach 3: Our Aerospace Impact.

Whether you work in the aerospace industry, consider yourself a Top Gun fan, or simply travel via airplane often, chances are you’ve observed an aircraft canopy, the transparent enclosure over the cockpit. Most people give canopies little thought; the glass-like enclosures seem sturdy and transparent enough.

But the truth is, achieving that level of durability and transparency requires an advanced understanding of aerodynamics, chemical and materials composition and formulation, and production expertise. Planes fly at Mach 3 — in other words, three times the speed of sound. That’s 2,302 miles per hour. Glass simply cannot withstand that type of pressure. Built on the legacy of Polycast®, Spartech leads the industry in developing innovative aircraft canopies that meet MIL SPEC standards and are the preferred choice for defense and private aircraft.

During the manufacturing process, protecting the Polycast® material from abrasion is critical. Employees working on this type of sheet work in their own separate air-conditioned offices elevated above the production floor. Having air conditioning anywhere near the sheet could stir up dust particles and potentially scratch the sheet, marring its transparent surface.

Spartech’s Goodyear, Arizona plant is the only one in the world that can stretch hot plastic. Thanks to this ability we create transparent and durable canopies for both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft, and are the No. 1 go-to division for MIL SPEC canopies and cockpits. We also are a leading producer of airplane interiors, thanks to our signature FAA-compliant Royalite® product that consistently outranks competitors in its balance of stiffness, formability, weight, and cost. Spartech’s aerospace impact doesn’t end at production efficiencies and performance guarantees, though. Our environmental commitment comes through just as clearly as our Polycast® product.

Success through Sustainability

As an organization, we recognize there is a dilemma in plastics. While the benefits to society are seemingly endless and growing, the potential downsides are real and must be responsibly managed. At Spartech, we have committed to being a leader in the careful management of both sides of this coin. Our objective is to develop the very best engineered materials solutions possible while reducing their negative impact on our future.

After all, strong, lightweight plastics enable us all to live safer, easier and better lives. But finding the right balance between sustainability and performance can be difficult, due to vast differences in application requirements. Working with Spartech’s team of experts in material formulation and production processes can help achieve the optimal balance between performance and sustainability. Through innovative, sustainable, and quality-driven practices and solutions, we’re committed to playing a leading role in helping the world reap the incredible benefits of plastics, today and into the future.

Whether for a specific aerospace product, or an innovative new solution for a brand new challenge, Spartech is here to help. While our time-tested Royalite® and Polycast® products have been market-leaders in the aerospace industry, our solutions-driven approach is “product-agnostic,” which means we can find — or create — exactly the right solution for your specific needs. We offer a full line of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft material options for both commercial and defense markets, and you can be confident that all of our solutions are created with their environmental footprint in mind.

September 10, 2022

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