For your products that have demanding requirements –temperature resistance, sterilization tolerance, enhanced physical property characteristics for strength, Tufpak SUPROP™ polypropylene film utilizes a unique film extrusion process that provides an unmatched molecular crystalline structure ideal for a wide range of product applications. SUPROP™ films and bag products can be enhanced to be universally sterilizable such as the ability to withstand ionizing radiation sterilization for medical packaging and healthcare environments.

  • Decontamination packaging
  • Sealant film in laminated structures for pouches, tray liners or lid stock
  • Aseptic sampling containers and OEM medical device pouches
  • Clinical/scientific equipment dust covers
  • Temperature-resistant products / uses such as MREs, tar bags
  • Flexible chemical transfer hoses
  • Chemical tank liners, hot liquid drum liners