DuraGard® Consumer Solutions

DuraGard® Consumer Packaging

DuraGard is a family of custom rollstock and formed part solutions ideally suited for consumer goods including personal care, household cleaners, electronics and more.

Whether your need is for chemical resistance, anti-static performance, or protection from moisture or oxygen, DuraGard can deliver.   

Spartech's team of world-class packaging design experts understand how to help you create the perfect solution. We can help you develop eye-catching designs that are easy to manufacture yet will withstand the rigors of a hectic supply chain.


  • Suitable for personal care, household and electronics packaging 
  • Formulations tailored to meet specific performance requirements
  • Barrier properties customized to protect moisture and oxygen sensitive goods
  • Available as rollstock or preformed containers

DuraGard consumer solutions
Product Name Description Characteristics
DuraGard® Monolayer rollstock and formed parts Shape and color are customizable to drive shelf differentiation and consumer appeal
DuraGard® Ultra Barrier, multi-layer rollstock and formed parts High barrier performance available in customizable shape and color