Spartech’s PolyPrime™ thin-gauge plastic sheet products have a strong differentiating factor. Manufactured in the US, we have over 50 years of experience providing you and your clients with proven, environmentally-friendly plastics products that will set you apart from the crowd and differentiate yours from the competition.

We are the only manufacturer who offers you a full range of completed product, from producing the plastic sheet to decoration and die-cutting, right on through to your finished item. Why is this important? By controlling the quality of your product through every phase of production, we assure adherence to the tightest tolerances in the industry. With careful attention to detail we can give your products a sharp, refined look not found in other materials. Our versatile materials provide a remarkable substrate surface for graphic arts quality reproduction. And of course, the strength of our plastics gives your products the durability that will save time and money in the long run over other materials.

PolyPrime™ - Extruded PE, PP, and Converted Poly Products


edDuraprint™ - Printable Plastic Paper Prints Like High-Quality Paper


LUMISheet™ - High-Temp Signage Economical Alternative


Primo™ - Stronger, Stiffer, Alternative to PVC


ProMotion™ 2.0 - Non-Blocking Sheet, Notable Clarity


2ndGenesis™ - Our PE-PCR Sustainable Option


TerraCard™ - Custom Size, Lay-Flat, Strong, Sustainable