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Go The Distance


The challenges today facing the engineers and designers who work in transportation and mobility seem to be ever increasing - maintain performance and limit weight; improve the design aesthetic yet use less energy; incorporate smaller engines while managing excess heat. In many cases, the materials chosen for transportation applications can make an incredible impact on both the sustainability of the vehicle, and the bottom line.

Spartech appreciates the challenges faced by those in the transportation and mobility industry, which is why we've developed materials to help them realize their designs without comprises to safety or performance. Our transportation industry experts can assist with specification and design for planes, trains or automobiles.


Next Gen / Electric Vehicles

The next generation of vehicles, whether personal or mass transit, is about sustainability.  This may mean using alternative fueling methods, such as electricity, or it may mean lighter-weight materials, or both.  From thermoformed polyolefins to cell cast acrylics, Spartech has the innovative plastic materials you can specify to manufacture a safe and stylish next-gen vehicle.

Agriculture & Construction Equipment

The earth movers that shape our landscape and grow our crops require durable materials that can stand up to the harshest environments. Spartech offers a variety of sheet material to ensure these important machines can hold up to the job at hand.

Automotive / RV

From flooring to decorative paneling and dashboards, Spartech materials help automotive and RV designers achieve lighter weights while enhancing the in-vehicle experience.

Heavy Trucking

To make it over the long haul, you need materials that are both lightweight and durable. Spartech's got your 6.

Mass Transit

Whether cross-town or cross-country, Spartech has the strong, durable and resistant materials that mass transit vehicles need to move world.


Spartech materials and expertise offer marine designers the materials and peace of mind they need to ensure their components meet high standards for performance and safety.

Power Sports

Deliver the combination of performance, functionality and design power sports enthusiasts demand with Spartech sheet and rollstock.

Recreational Vehicle

You can't rely on your grandma's materials to get today's RVs over the river and through the woods. Spartech has the materials you're looking for.