Medical Packaging

Medical Packaging

Medical components come in all shapes and sizes for essential uses such as surgeries and blood draws. And no matter what type of packaging is required to protect healthcare, medical or pharmaceutical products, Spartech has the required solution. We have decades of experience designing and delivering top-quality custom healthcare packaging solutions that exceed performance and cost control expectations – all essential in today’s budget conscious healthcare organizations.

Industry values like these make rigid packaging the primary choice for product safety, design customization and convenience for medical packaging. You can count on Spartech to deliver the required expertise to create packaging solutions that will withstand the rigors of sterilization and global shipping while meeting critical standards required in the healthcare industry.

Spartech’s industry leading plastic sheet and roll stock offer virtually unlimited options. In order to meet the precise specifications common in the medical packaging industry, we offer a wide range of plastics varying in size, dimension and rigidity. Medical device packaging thermoformers rely on Spartech’s products to form, fill and seal trays that meet the quality standards and requirements of the industry. These applications include custom packaging for disposables used in medical imaging equipment, diagnostic devices, single-use disposable surgical devices, surgical kit trays, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic thermoformed fluid containers for medical device components.

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For quality medical packaging solutions, we have what you require.

Spartech offers key product categories such as medical grade PET, PETG, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as well as high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), polypropylene (PP), and more. These materials can be used in almost every medical packaging need, including: consumable diagnostic slides or strips, medical device packaging, surgical kits, plastic thermoformed containers, pharmaceutical packaging, and medical device components.

All Spartech medical packaging materials meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical protocols. If you are thermoforming our materials can be sterilized using the most common modern methods such as ETO sterilization or Gamma radiation.


Quality. Reduced set-up times. And less material waste.

Quality plastic material saves you time and money in manufacturing medical packaging. Customers who use Spartech roll stock and plastic sheets in medical packaging applications experience these benefits:

  • Reduced set-up times due to of consistent product quality.
  • Limited amounts of scrap material and waste when set-up is complete.
  • Lower occurrences of thermoform run-time interruptions due to consistent roll stock quality and gauge control.

Not to mention Spartech products are all produced to meet individualized specifications. We control the material that goes into each formulation and maintain stringent standards for each one. After production, each material is tested against those specifications before shipment. Even if you do not require certification, Spartech assures that every product that goes out the door meets the required specifications.


Expertise, service, and innovation that you cannot find anywhere else.

With decades of expertise, Spartech continues to deliver advancements in medical packaging. We were one of the first to use clear PETG packaging material instead of acrylic. Innovation is in everything we do here. Spartech is on the leading-edge of thin-gauge technology, with the capability to deliver products under 0.010” in thickness.

Spartech operates 14 plants across the United States and utilizes a wide range of highly technical manufacturing processes and polymer material science capabilities - all to consistently deliver superior performance. Most competitors have a single manufacturing site for each plastic material, and sometimes just one site for all materials. This is not the case with Spartech; we utilize three manufacturing facilities for medical packaging to provide a stable supply chain. It’s unmatched reliability at every phase.


Whether you are manufacturing medical equipment enclosures or implantable devices, Spartech material and chemistry specifications help achieve your desired outcomes.

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