Every Medical Product Requires a Healthy Amount of Material Innovation


From durability, heat resistance and aesthetics, to manufacturability and meeting complex regulatory requirements, Spartech has the material and expertise you require. Everything is backed by 50 years of proven expertise in developing resins and manufacturing materials for medical device plastic substrates and over 30 years in providing healthcare packaging materials.

We offer custom material development, process development, proprietary formulations, a strict adherence to quality standards and a collaborative approach to solving technical challenges. This not only makes us a leader, but helps us make materials that make an essential difference in the success of medical products. Spartech material scientists and engineers have a strong understanding of product design requirements, with a focus on durability, performance and safety. We believe this approach will benefit our customers and partners who are developing the next generation of medical device packaging, medical equipment and specialty medical devices.


What we put into medical packaging is a lot of smart thinking.

Spartech specializes in rigid and semi-rigid medical plastic packaging materials. Our materials are produced in sheets and roll stock, ready to be thermoformed into a final device package configuration. We work with packaging engineers who are challenged with developing robust, yet cost effective packaging solutions. We regularly work with the following materials:

  • Medical grade PET

  • Medical grade PETG

  • High-impact polystyrene

  • Medical grade HDPE

  • High-density and medical grade polypropylene

All Spartech medical packaging extruded sheet materials meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical protocols. When Spartech plastics are utilized for thermoformed device packaging, the materials easily withstand the most common methods for sterilization such as ethylene oxide (ETO) or Gamma.

Interestingly, these same materials, in monolayer and multi-layer sheet configurations, have also been effective in a variety of other medical and pharmaceutical applications such as single-use dosage cups, surgical trays, plastic thermoformed fluid containers, pharmaceutical packaging, skin patch and ostomy devices, as well as diagnostic test strips.


Our focus is on your product’s successful performance.

All the components that go into designing and manufacturing the medical equipment and specialty devices you design and produce are essential for a successful product outcome. That is why for the last fifty years the Spartech Royalite® line remains the most trusted and reliable brand of rigid thermoplastic sheets that designers and fabricators turn to for medical device enclosures. Our proprietary formulations produce a thermoplastic sheet that can be relied upon for your structural applications.

Royalite® is also the material of choice for medical device enclosures that protect electronics and other components that operate healthcare equipment which cannot fail. It is also used as wall coverings in hospital clean rooms, patient rooms, drug testing and packaging facilities.

We offer PVC acrylic material for medical equipment applications. PVC acrylic is cost-effective and appropriate in certain applications, however the material has physical property limitations and low resistance to heat distortion. Additional Royalite products are readily available in a range of fire-rated and high heat distortion resistance materials.


Polycast PMMA (acrylic) materials are used in a variety of specialty medical device applications. Polycast is an ultra-high quality cast material available in rod, tube and sheet configurations. Cast acrylic tubes are available in sizes up to 27 inches in diameter and are used in medical equipment that includes a fluid vessel. Cast acrylic is desired for this application because of optical clarity and strength characteristics. Another common application for cast acrylic would be for fluidic manifolds, often found in diagnostics equipment, which also require high optical clarity and machinability.

Polycast medical grade rods (available up to 9” in diameter) are USP Class VI approved for biocompatibility, including extensive testing and application history for long-term, implantable medical devices. Implantable medical device applications include implantable orthopedic joint replacement components, and patient monitoring devices such as diabetes monitoring, and ophthalmology surgical implants such as intraocular lenses.


Lower your risk using our expertise

There is no substitute for experience when manufacturing medical products. With decades of expertise, Spartech understands the protocols required in the medical arena and puts them into practice. This includes using established FDA protocol within the company’s internal systems and knowing exactly what to deliver in order to surpass qualifications of medical audits.

Markets evolve. Customer needs also evolve. The flexibility of plastic substrates presents many options for packaging and enclosure design. Spartech’s experienced material scientists and staff professionals use their extensive knowledge of the flexibility that plastic substrates possess to assist customers make the right decision for each application. They actively help designers and fabricators develop new products and help them gain better performance from existing products.

Before we provide solutions, we listen to the challenges our customers face. Only then do we guide them to the right material selection along with competitive prices, supply chain and reliability.


Increase productivity using high-quality materials

You require the highest quality plastic material, and there is no substitute for what Spartech delivers:

  • Reduced set-up time due to consistent product quality
  • Minimized run-time interruptions due to superior product gauge control
  • Limited set-up scrap materials

Spartech products are all produced to meet exact, custom specifications. We control the material that goes into each formulation and stand behind the durability, manufacturability and aesthetic appearance of the final product. After production, the material is tested against those specifications before shipment. Even if customers do not require a certification, they receive Spartech’s Customer Quality Assurance that the product going out the door meets the required specifications.


Collaboration gets your products to market faster

As one of the first companies to use clear PETG packaging material instead of PVC or modified acrylic, Spartech remains on the cutting edge of medical plastics innovation. As a pioneer in thin-gauge technology with the ability to deliver products under 0.010” in thickness, we are constantly in search of the next generation of materials such as eco-friendly plastics, products with greater heat dispersion capability and trendy color/texture combinations.

None of this would be easy to achieve without collaboration with customers just like you. This collaboration leads to innovation as our customers bring new ideas to our experienced team. Our proprietary plastics formulations contain built-in flexibility that lend themselves to being modified for new product development, while maintaining important certifications that result in entirely new products without lengthy certification timelines. Spartech also has capability to engineer entirely new formulations and our knowledge of the safety certification processes can expedite new product launches. We think and react quickly so your products can get to market faster.


We are here for you - with the products you require and reliable service

When it comes to healthcare packaging and medical packaging, equipment and specialty devices, Spartech has the exact material to meet all your requirements. We provide on-time delivery and flexibility in manufacturing locations to ensure supply continuity. In fact, Spartech operates 14 plants across the U.S. and utilizes a plethora of highly technical manufacturing processes and polymer material science capabilities. The result? We provide superior performance in delivering critical medical packaging, equipment and specialty devices.

For medical packaging, Spartech manufactures out of three manufacturing facilities, not just one. Our materials for medical equipment and specialty devices are manufactured at several facilities and we have other locations that can be quickly converted over for medical production. Compare this to competitors that typically have a single manufacturing site for each plastic material, and sometimes just one site for all materials.

Our difference makes all the difference to deliver your medical packaging, sheet for medical equipment components, and specialty devices.


From pharmaceuticals to medical supplies and devices, Spartech has a packaging solution that meets your exact material requirements.

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