No matter what you’re building, you can build it to your exact specs with Spartech.

Building and Construction

The world of building and construction material requirements covers everything from interior/exterior architectural needs, glazing such as bullet resistant transparencies and barriers as well as sanitaryware plastics for bath and kitchen applications. Spartech’s complete breadth of material selection covers all these uses and so many more.

We also manufacture plastic materials ideal for shower and bath and decorative plastic films for exterior architectural uses such as decking, and porches, and siding. Many clients rely on our industrial options for clean room environments and acoustical attenuation substrates that are ideal for noise suppression in partitions and walls, air compressors, A/C and duct work.

No matter what the use, you can be sure that Spartech gives you the required performance, durability, colors and textures while supporting your project with our global footprint, technical expertise and supply chain reliability. This is how we built a solid reputation in the building and construction industry.


 Protection where it’s most needed.

When the personal safety of employees is your top priority, you can feel secure in selecting Spartech for real-world proven bullet resistant transparencies. Polycast® is performance tested in the most demanding environments where personal protection is a must such as banks, judge’s chambers, courthouses, police stations, worship centers and convenience stores.

Turn to our line of Polycarbonate, PETG and Acrylic material options when there is a specific need for separating and securing a physical environment. With the clarity, thickness, stiffness, and surface characteristics needed, these materials are perfect for restaurants and grocery stores, or any personal point-of-contact application where separation barriers are needed for safety and to avoid contamination.

Glazing applications and material selection:


Where durability and beauty meet to create ideal bath and kitchen spaces.

Whether it is a single-family home or multi-unit condominium, the building and construction industry has a demand for bath, kitchen and other materials that offer both durability and aesthetic appeal. You get both with Spartech’s performance and appearance engineered plastics substrates.

Our expertise and 50+ years of experience is evident in our materials for bath applications that meet industry design trends as well as deliver high-performance. With our lines, your building project will have the right material at the right price. Not only do these materials have lasting appeal, they come in the surface textures, colors, and designs your customers desire for both kitchens and baths. And you can be sure that what you need can be produced to meet your project delivery timelines.

Sanitaryware applications and material selection:

  • Baths - AquaPro™, SurfaceChoice™, Acrylloy™, Korad™, ABS, HIPS, High Gloss HIPS
  • Kitchens - SurfaceChoice™, Acrylloy, Korad™

Interior architectural components

We make materials that make a positive difference for building and construction applications.

Spartech’s materials for interior architectural components cover a wide range of uses to deliver what makes any living space comfortable and able to take on the demands of daily life. The real beauty is how these materials look. From floors to walls and even furniture, we have a product that looks great, provides durability, is competitively priced and covers almost every application imaginable.

Some of our most popular plastic substrates are used in places you cannot see, but they are essential in construction. For instance, we manufacture sound abating components used in pipe wrap systems and duct work sound reduction. Everything we manufacture makes a positive impact on the outcome of your project.

Interior architectural applications and material selection

  • Coverings for floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, window/door profiles:
    • Clean Rooms - Royalite® G-50, SurfaceChoice™ calendared PVC and other films
    • Decorative Surfaces - SurfaceChoice™, Korad™, Acrylloy™, and printed PVC, Paper and PET films
  • Acoustical Sound Reduction:
    • Fabricators (Equipment wrap for sound abatement in air compressors, A/C, duct work: - Sound-X™, Sound-X™ 100
    • Oil and Natural Gas Industry – (Pipe wrap components) - Sound-X™, Sound-X™ 100
    • Special Projects – Reducing sound in workplaces, businesses, entertainment venues, hotels, and residences: - Sound-X™, Sound-X™ 100

Exterior architectural components

We know exterior building materials inside, and outside.

Snow, sleet, rain, high heat and bitter cold temperatures are just some of the demands you must prepare for when designing and constructing home exteriors. The materials you select must resist harsh climates, severe weather, and extreme temperature changes. Spartech materials can be engineered to endure in these severe environments.

Our plastic sheet and film formulations are proven to withstand years of outdoor weathering without fading. And they deliver the home beauty you require. We can help you replicate the look and feel of real wood or metal in a variety of color choices including bold, dark colors. Add to this the fact that your housing market clients demand products that are low maintenance and high quality with a variety of aesthetically appealing options. We meet all these requirements.

We can even help you reduce production costs, increase design freedom, and improve efficiency since our exterior materials may eliminate the need for staining or painting of wood or metal parts. Spartech thinks outside the box with outdoor material construction products.

Exterior architectural applications and material selection:

  • Decorative siding, exterior trim, windows, doors – SurfaceChoice ™ WeatherPro™,
  • Fence, deck, rail - Korad™, Royalite® R-89, SurfaceChoice™, other films/laminates


  • UltraTuf™ UV, SunGard® Polycarbonate, Tuf-Glas™ Modified Acrylic