Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford Connecticut

Welcome to Spartech Stamford

Stamford's team is dedicated (many with 40+ years of service), highly-skilled (including multiple PhDs), and well-versed in handling specialty production.

The feel around the Stamford shop is "casually intense," as one leader put it. There’s an underlying intensity and intention that comes with the work. It’s a highly technical, engineering-minded shop that stands ready for the most complicated of special orders.

Stamford At-A-Glance

  • Employees: 70
  • Average Years of Service: 25
  • Key Markets Served: Aerospace, Healthcare & Medical
  • Key Products: Cell Cast Acrylic — including bullet resistant protection, medical grade for cranial implants and intraocular lenses (IOL), and laser protection.
  • *Metrics as of 8/31/22

Get to Know Stamford

Back in the 1940s, the Stamford plant was actually a nightclub! The building — and surrounding community — have changed considerably since that time. The city has shifted from industrial to suburban, with oil tankers and exports replaced by high rises and entertainment venues.

Stamford has been recognized for a number of safety and excellence awards, including ISO certification, UL certification for bullet proof products, NSF for food-grade materials, and MIL-SPECs for defense applications. The plant produces cell cast acrylic, which lends itself to a variety of different applications, industries, and applications.

Career Opportunities

We’re growing with opportunities to join our team. Learn more about a career with Spartech and view our open roles.

Visiting Our Plant?

To be in any production area, please wear steel-toed shoes or boots, and we will provide safety glasses and other safety gear as needed.

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