Thermoformed packaging & rollstock

Packaging technologies

Inside every plastic package we create you’ll find innovative thinking.

From concept to functional plastic packaging design, Spartech solutions are shaping the way companies take their products to market. We work with you as a partner. We listen, ask questions and collaborate with you and your team.

It’s with this understanding of your requirements, paired with our extensive expertise and experience, that we can then we provide the exact application development and material solutions required. It gets your product to market quicker, helps you achieve profitability and provides the sustainability consumers demand.

Food: Our expertise in custom barrier and non-barrier thermoformed containers for dairy and shelf-stable foods are cost-effective and elevate your brand on the shelf.

Healthcare: At Spartech, we offer the exact packaging solutions required to meet the rigors of sterilization, global shipping and human handling within healthcare environments.

Consumer: We provide the expertise needed for effectively packaging household cleaners, personal care products and other consumer goods as well as enhancing your brand presence.


PreservaPak™ Packaging

Our packaging solutions are used by brands seeking to maintain freshness, improve their carbon footprint and enhance shelf differentiation.


Valiant™ Healthcare Solutions

Valiant provides safe and higher performance packaging for medical device trays, diagnostic kits and combination devices.


Rejuven8™ Bioplastic Materials

Our Rejuven8 materials provide sustainable plastic packaging solutions for food, healthcare, and consumer goods products.                  


DuraGard® Consumer Solutions

Available as roll stock or formed parts, DuraGard materials are customizable to meet performance requirements for consumer goods packaging.