Royalite® Building & Construction Rated Sheet

Royalite® B&C Rated Sheet Royalite® Sheet for B&C

Fire-rated, chemical resistant wall coverings ideal for clean rooms

The “B&C” product line features flame-rated sheet materials for wall coverings, flooring, ceiling tiles and other architectural applications where performance properties to meet stringent building codes are required. These products meet the ASTM E84 Class A standard.


  • Flame Rated
  • Available in PVC and BPA free
  • Cleanable and chemically resistant
  • Long lasting for the life integrity of the surface
  • Wide variety of colors and textures

Royalite B&C Rated Sheet
Product Name Description Characteristics
G50 Fire-rated, non-halogen, non-BPA sheet ASTM-E84 Class A Chemically resistant, cleanable
R49/52 Fire-rated PVC/acrylic ASTM-E84 Class A Chemically resistant, high rigidity and toughness
R52 AM Fire-rated sheet with antimicrobial technology UL listed Inhibits mold and mildew