Polycast® Aerospace and Military Grade Sheet

Polycast® Aerospace Grades

Cast Acrylic for Aerospace and Military applications with excellent transparency

Spartech is a leading producer of cast acrylic sheet for cabin windows, fighter canopies, windscreens, wing-tip lenses, outer laminates and instrument panels for general aviation and military aircraft. Aerospace manufacturers trust Polycast cast acrylic sheets to meet the exacting demands required in high performance environments. Our acrylic sheets can be modified to change physical, chemical or optical properties to meet the requirements and specifications of militaries and aviation authorities. Uniquely manufactured and formulated, these sheets meet both the present, and future needs, of our aerospace industry customers.


Polycast has been manufacturing cast acrylic sheet for over 50 years and is presently the principal supplier of acrylic sheet meeting U.S. Military Material Specifications MIL-PRF-5425, MIL-PRF-8184 and Mil-PRF- 25690 to the United States aerospace industry. Spartech has developed an enhanced craze-resistant material and MIL-PRF- 8184 has been revised to recognize the improved performance of this material.

Polycast Aerospace & Military Grades
Product Name Description Specification Attributes
Poly 2000 Stretched Acrylic Sheet Mil-PRF-25690 High impact, craze resistance
Poly 76 Crosslinked, preshrunk acrylic sheet Mil-PRF-8184 High craze resistance
Poly 84 Superior craze and solvent resistance acrylic sheet Mil-PRF-8184 Lower moisture and superior craze
Poly II Heat-resistant, preshrunk Acrylic Mil-PRF-5425 Thermally annealed
Poly 900 Semi-cross-linked acrylic sheet DTD-5592 Better craze resistance and tolerance
Polycast UV-SC UV Blocking & Solar Heat Control Cell Cast Acrylic Available in all Mil-Specs Higher visibility than traditional materials
Polycast AQ Aircraft Quality ASTM-4802 Superior Optical grade