FormPro™ ABS Sheet

FormPro ABS Sheet FormPro™ ABS Sheet

Balanced toughness, aesthetics and formability

FormPro™ ABS sheet is a family of extruded ABS thermoplastic sheet products. FormPro ABS sheet solutions achieve a balance of toughness and appearance, combined with the formability that ABS provides. Typical markets include transportation, building & construction, consumer and appliance.


  • High impact strength & durability
  • Easy to form 
  • Ability to match a wide array of colors
  • Avaialble in a variety of textures

FormPro ABS Sheet
Product Name Description Performance
FormPro 1101 ABS Premium grade ABS sheet Best
FormPro 1102 ABS Base grade ABS sheet Better
FormPro 1103 ABS Utility grade ABS sheet Good
FormPro 1111 Low Gloss Premium grade low gloss ABS sheet Best
FormPro 1112 Low Gloss Base grade low gloss ABS sheet Better