Spartech Corporation is a leading producer of custom thermoplastic sheet and rollstock, color and specialty compounds, and custom engineered plastic products.
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Custom Sheet & Rollstock
Spartech Plastics
Custom plastic sheet and
rollstock products.
Spartech Polycast
Cell cast acrylic sheet, aircraft transparencies, tanning bed shields, and transparent ballistic enclosures.
Spartech Townsend
Cast acrylic tubes and rods.

Spartech Packaging Technologies
Spartech Sheet Packaging
Rigid plastic sheet materials are available in a variety of forms including multi-layer sheet, laminated sheet, mono-layer sheet and alloy plastics, as well as standard materials.
Spartech Thermoform Packaging
Clear thermoform packaging highlights and enhances product features and supports impulse purchases.

Color & Specialty Compounds
Spartech PEP
Korad® laminating films, cellulose acetate sheet, and other cast extruded film products.
Spartech Calendared & Converted Products
Calendared vinyl films, specialty films, and printed, coated & laminated films and papers.
Spartech Contract Manufacturing
Premium sound proofing materials and mar resistant flooring products.

New Products
Spartech UltrosRenu™ products are produced from the industry’s highest quality recycled PETG materials.
Spartech EnviroSeal™ products are produced from the industry’s highest quality polyester materials.
Glass Filled TPO Sheet which adds a high level of stiffness to a polyolefin base resin.
Low Gloss TPO Sheet is low gloss, high performance TPO sheet engineered for improved thermoforming characteristics.
Extreme™ HG
High Gloss TPO Sheet is a high gloss, high performance, thermoplastic olefin (TPO) structure engineered for improved thermoforming characteristics.
Extreme™ D
Decorative TPO Sheet that is a high performance polyolefin sheet which has been enhanced with a decorative pattern.