Cap and Seal in 1 Easy Step!

The 1-Seal™ lid is a unique proprietary technology that provides packaging brands in the food industry with a sustainable, re-sealable, durable packaging solution. Using an in-mold label (IML) where a portion of the label surface is left exposed inside the lid, 1-Seal caps and seals in one step. Consequently, it eliminates the need for foil or film seal. The IML properties of the cap also eliminate the need for alternative decorative technologies, including shrink sleeve labels, pressure sensitive labels and direct labeling.

 The 1-Seal lid creates several efficiencies in the packaging process and throughout the supply chain. Omitting foil and film for sealing as well as any post-sealing decoration technologies that may have been used reduces waste, eliminates the costs associated with other sealing and decoration materials, and eliminates steps in the manufacturing process. Additionally, for hot-fill processes, the 1-Seal lid eliminates the need for a cooling bath after film sealing. Furthermore, the rectangular shape of 1-Seal packaging can reduce a brand’s shipping cube.

The 1-Seal lid is:

  • re-sealable
  • air and water tight for guaranteed freshness
  • heat-tolerant, microwavable and freezer-to-microwave ready
  • ideal for shelf-differentiation. The IML lid allows for high quality graphics that do not abrade or degrade during the packaging’s lifecycle


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